Law & Order: NFL Player Attorney Daniel Moskowitz on Dallas’ Courtroom Drama

It’s been quite a year for your Dallas Cowboys off the football field.

The “will he, won’t he” questions about an Ezekiel Elliott suspension that persisted for over a year were answered in August. Three months of back-and-forth court rulings finally appear to settle that decision.

This past week we’ve heard that Jerry Jones is gearing up for another potential court battle with the NFL, this time over Commissioner Goodell’s contract renewal. But what exactly is Jones’ gripe, and can he even win if it gets that far?

And let’s not forget that Dallas is one of many teams entangled in Colin Kaepernick’s grievance against the league for collusion.

It’s been an exhausting couple of months, with more plot twists than an episode of Law & Order. On today’s CowboysCast, we welcome our old friend Daniel Moskowitz. Daniel is an attorney for NFL players and agents seeking a resolution to their disputes.

We get his thoughts on all of Dallas’ courtroom drama.

AUDIO LINK: Sorting Through Dallas’ Various Courtroom Dilemmas

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